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Inconsistent Bots

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Inconsistent Bots Empty Inconsistent Bots

Post by StrikerUSA on Fri Aug 11, 2017 10:23 am

Ok so this morning I had a two vs two with bots filling the ranks and my team mate was AFK but I kill both red human players and am left with little health against a bot IS-1 and a bot JT who is stuck on a rock and I circle behind the IS-1 and he matches me blow for blow so kills me thanks to my reduced health. He then goes over to my AFK team mate and takes a solid two minutes to kill him missing half the shots and waiting like 30 seconds between shooting. Mean time my T28 bot drives over to their stuck JT and drives circles around him being unable to point the nose at him to fire a shot. IS-1 finally kills my AFK team mate and comes over and charges the T28 who dispatches him with two shots about as quick as a T28 can shoot and then the T28 goes back to circling the stuck JT. In 5 min he managed one shot on the JT and I had to go to work before the exciting conclusion 3 min away.

We've all been there when you're up against killer bots who swarm and kill quickly and then there are useless bots that never fire a shot to finish that last human red with about 20 hp left. Apparently bots can jump back and forth from being somewhat useful to completely worthless and I'm left here wondering why? It's obvious they know how to make them work ok so why can't they be like that all the time. I find if I need my bots to finish reds with a scrap of health they are completely worthless like yesterday I watched a KT with 48 hp kill my last 3 bots who never remotely got close to ever turning the turret at him but if I just finished a hard fight and limp away ready to kill me some bots they are all over me firing away. It's not knowing what you're going to get that bugs me the most.

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Inconsistent Bots Empty Re: Inconsistent Bots

Post by miszcz101 on Fri Aug 11, 2017 4:18 pm

Yes, I agree that bots should be only from a kind of useful. Useless kind of bots bring nothing to the game except of frustration of human players. So for Devs its a plain hint to improve the game.


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